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ARCOMANSTM allows you to enter your Customers, Contractors and Employees. Once this is completed, enter in Project and Job information and you are ready to start tracking your time through ARCOTimerTM. With ARCOMANS you have all the required elements to Organize and Track time spent on each project. You can also export your time to Quick BooksTM. It also includes Communications, Invoicing, Reimbursables, Construction Administration, Estimating and Construction Management tools. With Communications you can send Transmittals, Faxes, address envelopes and print labels. All transmittals and faxes are organized by project/job and remain in the database to be instantly recalled and viewed / printed anytime. Invoicing includes invoicing by percentage of project completed or by hours completed since the last invoice. Statements give an overall of all the invoices to each customer by project. Reimbursables are a part of invoicing, allowing office expenses to be recovered. If desired, information can be exported to Quick BooksTM. However, you will save time and money using ARCOMANS Invoicing features - there is no need to buy a separate invoicing program. With Construction Admin you can enter Bid/Project info, Change Order Proposals, Change Order History, Submittals, Request For Info, Meeting Minutes, Site Reports, and Travel Log. With Estimating you can create an unlimited number of estimates any size you need, whether from scratch, or from other current estimates. When an estimate is approved it can be easily transferred into Construction Management.

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ARCOMANS Company Information: Manage, Add, Edit Company Information, Office Management Software for Architects

Architect Office Management Software: Communications, Fax, Transmittals, Envelopes, Labels

ARCOMANS Projects: Project Manager, Manage Projects, Buildings, and Project Percentages, Architect Office Management Software

Company Management: Time Management, Schedules, Time Log,, Invoicing, Invoice, Invoices, Reimbursables, Office Management for Architects

Architect Office Management Software: Construction Administration, Bid / Project Info, Change Order Proposal, Change Order History, Submittals, Requests for Info, Meeting Minutes, Site Report, Travel Log

ARCOMANS: Estimations, Estimating, Estimation Software, Architect Office Management Software, Consrtruction Administration and Construction Management

ARCOMANS: Construction Management, Reimbursables, Applications, Change Orders, Office Management Software for Architects


ARCOMANS Enterprise > Company Information | Communications | Projects/Jobs | Company Management
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ARCOMANS, Arcoman, Office Management Software for Architects


ARCOMANS Enterprise Architectural Office Management Software for Architects, Construction Management, Office Management Software, Estimations, Estimating Software, Reimbursables, Applications, Change Order, Change Orders

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