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ARCOTimerTM is a stand alone program that only needs an ARCOMANS database to operate, and may be downloaded free. The timer may be installed on any number of PCs with one PC hosting the Database that all other PCs can get to through a Network connection. Once connected to the main database, Customer/Job, Service, and Class may be selected to create a template to be used by the timer to instantly log your time. Each template is available each day to get you started instantly. The time logged may then be exported to QuickBooksTM, or used to create invoices and schedules in ARCOMANS. 

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Main Screen 

The Main Screen is compact and easy to use.  Start and Stop timed sessions on the fly.  Adjust your time to the nearest time input.  Then select or enter a note.  All from this one easy Main Screen.


Time Activity Log 

The Time Activity Log allows an employee to edit, add and / or delete any time entries.  Your employee can also view their records from previous days, weeks, months or for the whole year


Activity Templates

Activity Templates make it easy to enter time entries in a snap.  An employee can create as many Activity Templates as he or she needs.  Their Time Activities would be used by that person alone.  Each employee will have different Time Activities which allows each employee to customize their own activities for their needs. 

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