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Here at CreativeMtnSoftware we offer a free trial with restrictions applied. The trial will allow you to view the Help files in the program, to review the sample database, and to edit / add information. The trial has a 30 day limitation after which you may license it. In the trial you can create up to 2 customers (the trial version, using the sample database, has 2 customers already entered, if you want to see how it works, delete one of them and enter one of your own customers), and up to 2 Projects. Everything else is fully functional.  To view more information about the Trial Limitations see the "HELP" file within the software. The Trial will also allow you to create your own database which can later be used in a licensed version of  ARCOMANS.


Version Info Aprox Size




30-day trial, reports have "Demo" across page.

18 Mb



No Restrictions

7 Mb

QuickBooks Interface


Needed only if linking ARCOMANS to QuickBooks

7.2 Mb

System Requirements:


Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows XP with SP 3

Latest Build: 3.1.0 (January 2, 2015). Supported OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1


  • The Trial will allow you to try ARCOMANSTM before you buy.   ARCOTimerTM is a free timer program that only works with an ARCOMANSTM database.
  • To download ARCOMANSTM Trial click on the Download Button above. You will be presented with a "File Download" dialog box. <Click> on "Save" button and a "Save As" dialog box will open asking for the location to save the file to.  Select the location,(remember the location) and <Click> on "Save As" button. The download will start. If you want ARCOTimer TM, please use the same procedure used in downloading the Trial. If you are planning on interfacing with QuickBooks you will need to download the QuickBooks Interface link above.
  • After the downloads finish, go to the location and <Double Click> on "ARCOMANSTM " which will start the installer. We recommend you quit any running programs while performing the install. Follow the on screen prompts to install. (Also do this for ARCOTimerTM  and the QuickBooks Interface)
  • After installing open the "Start Menu" and <Double Click> on ARCOMANSTM Enterprize. After the program starts, a Product License dialog will show. If you have time left on the Trial, click 'Continue', and a dialog box will prompt for a database. We suggest using "ARCOMANS Sample" database so you can view how everything works. If you wish to start on your own, then select "ARCOMANS" database.  At this time a "New Database" is not needed as "ARCOMANS"  database is empty and ready for you to enter your info. Please view the included Help file within the ARCOMANSTM program on setting up the "Global Preferences."
  • If you installed ARCOTimerTM this would be a good time to start the ARCOTimerTM program.  After ARCOTimerTM opens go to "File" menu and click on "Select Main Database."  The "Open" dialog box will show and then navigate to folder titled, "ARCOMANS "  Select the same database you are using in ARCOMANSTM .  This is the database where your time will be stored. (In the step above we selected  "ARCOMANS Sample" database, so select it).
  • Next go to "File" menu and click on "Open Timer File". (This is where the "Activity Templates" are stored. We have included some Templates in the "ARCOTimer Sample" database. To learn more about this, please see the included Help file.)  The "Open" dialog box will show and you can navigate to the folder, "ARCOTimer".  To continue with this setup please select "ARCOTimer Sample.mdb" database.  In ARCOTimerTM click on "Current Activity" drop down box and select a template. Click <Start> and you are now timing that activity.


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