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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I need a new code
What if I need a new activation code for ARCOMANS?

A:You may request for a new activation code (already activated license) Please note that there are only four ways for getting a new activation code for free:

1. Accidental disk format or deletion of files.
2. Virus attack resulting in disk format.
3. Any software caused computer crash resulting in reinstallation of operating system.
4. Hard drive hardware failure.

Please Note that Creative Mountain Software, LLC has the right to NOT grant your request for a new activation code if you do not provide sufficient information in regards to your need (why you need a new code).

Q: How to Activate
How do I activate my Full Version of ARCOMANS?

A:After the successful installation of our product you should run the main application in order to obtain the 'Installation Code' value for your computer. We need this code for calculation of your 'Unlock Code'. When you start the main application, the activation dialog box will pop-up and you will be prompted to enter a valid 'Unlock Code'. The 'Installation Code' value is located at the lower part of this dialog box. Use the 'Copy' button then paste this into an email to ''. As soon as we receive and check submitted data a valid 'Unlock Code' will be sent to you. Please Note: We will send your 'Unlock Code' within 48 hours from receipt of your 'Installation Code'.

Q: Limitations of the Trial Version of ARCOMANS
What are the limitations of the Trial version of ARCOMANS?

A:The Trial Version of ARCOMANS has a 30 day limitation. In the Trial you can create up to 2 customers (the Trial version has 2 customers already entered, if you want to see how it works, delete one of them and enter one of your own customers), up to 5 Contractors/Companies, and up to 2 Projects. Everything else is fully functional.To view more information about the Trial Limitations see the "HELP" file within the software.

Q: Importing into QuickBooks
Is there a way to import my client names, subcontractors/vendors, etc from QuickBooks or Outlook without having to re-enter all the data?

A:Yes, see the help files in ARCOMANS and go to "Importing Contacts into ARCOMANS". Note: Once you import files you must keep the names/company the same in order to export info back into QuickBooks.

Q: Templates/Reports
Can you create a custom report or template for my needs?

A:ARCOMANS software development team is happy to create custom reports based on the needs of our individual buyers/clients. We have developed many of the reports you find in our software today based on recommendations and needs of architect firms. Simply contact us if we do not have a template or report you would like to see implemented.Please be aware that there may be an additional fee charged per report/template.

Q: ARCOMANS use of the official CSI standards
How is ARCOMANS organized?Does it relate to official CSI standards and where can I find a resource for more information regarding CSI division standards?

A:See the ARCOMANS help files and go to "Organization of Content".There is a list of the Masterformat Divisions. There is also a customized list that ARCOMANS has adopted.ARCOMANS also allows you to edit and add your own standards. You can find a more detailed division list at


Q: QuickBooks Integration
I'm having trouble getting the QuickBooks to interface with ARCOMANS. Am I missing something?

A:In most cases you are probably missing the QuickBooks Interface Installer. To correct this problem, download/run the QuickBooks Interface Installer. Restart ARCOMANS, then go to File > QuickBooksTM Console, and follow directions on screen. If you are still having problems, try the HELP files, or contact us for support.


ARCOMANS, Architect Office Management Software, Architectural Office Software, Architects, Creative Mountain Software

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