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TM includes Customers, Contractors ,Employees, Projects and Jobs plus has Construction Administration, Estimating and Construction Management tools. With Construction Admin you can enter Bid/Project info, Change Order Proposals, Change Order History, Submittals, Request For Info, Meeting Minutes, Site Reports, and Travel Log. With Estimating you can create an unlimited number of estimates any size you need, whether from scratch, or other current estimates. When an estimate is approved it can be easily transferred into Construction Management.


TM is a stand alone program that only needs an ARCOMANS database to operate, and is included FREE in all ARCOMANS products. The timer may be installed on any number of PCs with one PC hosting the Database that all other PCs can get to through a Network connection. Once connected to the main database, Customer/Job, Service, and Class may be selected to create a template to be used by the timer to instantly log your time. Each template is available each day to get you started instantly. The time logged may then be exported to QuickBooks, or used to create invoices and schedules in ARCOMANS.


ARCOMANS, Arcoman, Office Management Software for Architects

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